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Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

doesnt care

saya mohon..

jangan tanya saya tentang kahwin dan cinta..

life is not as easy as u tend to draw..
it was deeper then the sea..

i used to care too much for people i love..
in the end i lost those people that really love me..

and if u read this..
i really want u to know that..
saya x perlukan cinta..
dan saya x perlukan awak..

i have my own way to enjoy this life..
stop bugging me with ur stupid lies..

i told my parent that i wont get married..
i will adopt a child n care him like my own kids..
work damn hard to grab all my dream..
make it came true..
n stay with my beloved family..

life is short..
thats what i mean..
short is no u, and only me...
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